General business conditions

Geographical business area 

AUMA Scandinavia AB’s business area includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Customers of AUMA Scandinavia AB must be registered in one of these countries. 


We reserve the right to adjust the price in our gross price list annually. SEK and DKK prices are based on a fixed exchange rate that will be updated continuously if necessary. 

Minimum order amount

Due to high handling cost a minimum of 500SEK / 350DKK / 50€ will be charged for any order, regardless of size. 

General conditions

We apply the common general conditions for the Nordic countries. NL17 for product deliveries, NLM19 and NU15 for services. 

Terms of payment

Terms of payment – 30 days net from the invoice date. Or possibly prepayment depending on the ability to pay. 

Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery – Incoterms 2010, FCA Malmö, freight and packaging charged to customer. Standard packaging carton on pallet. Export packaging on request. We only make deliveries within the country customer is registered. Deliveries outside the country customer is registered in must be arranged by customer by pickup from our warehouse in Malmö. 


Available currencies are SEK, EUR and DKK. 


Warranty product and repairs, 1 year from delivery date. 


Claims must be notified in writing without undue delay according to the General Conditions. 

Cancel of order

Cancellation and modification of orders will incur costs. Amounts 0 – 100% of the order value, depending on time amount prior delivery date.

Return of goods

Each return of goods must be preceded by an agreement. If no agreement exists, the return/complaint will not be accepted. If you want a credit note for your returned good, the goods must be in original condition. Products in special versions or with special surface treatment will not be accepted nor spare parts or components (parts of actuators).

Only a part of invoiced value will be credited due to costs for necessary control, testing and administrative work. Contact us for information on a possible preliminary credit amount. 

Max age for return of goods is 1 years. Order amount < 5 000 SEK will not be credited. Return freight will be paid by the sender. 

AUMA Scandinavia General business conditions 2020

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