Are there explosion-proof actuators?

Safety is one of the highest priorities in any facility, especially in industries where hazardous substances and processes are involved. One of the most important aspects of safety is preventing and reducing the risk of explosions. Explosion-proof actuators play a critical role in protecting workers and facilities from hazardous explosions and ensuring a safe working environment where potentially explosive atmospheres may exist.

Implementation of explosion-proof actuators

In order to effectively implement explosion-proof actuators in a facility, it is important to carry out a thorough risk assessment and identify the areas where explosions can occur. The choice of actuator is then based on the identified risks and needs. In addition, it is crucial to train and inform personnel about the use and maintenance of explosion-proof actuators. It is also important to regularly inspect and maintain the actuators to ensure their proper function and effectiveness over time. Note that only certified technicians may open, maintain and service explosion-proof actuators.

Explosion-proof actuators are a crucial component in ensuring the safety of workplaces where hazardous substances and processes are present. By reducing the risk of explosions, these actuators play a central role in protecting workers and facilities. By implementing explosion-proof actuators and following safety regulations and standards, you can create a safe and secure work environment while avoiding production interruptions and potential injuries. Safety should always be a top priority, and explosion-proof actuators help achieve this goal.

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What are explosion-proof actuators?

Explosion-proof actuators are specially designed to prevent and reduce the risk of explosions in hazardous work environments. They are mainly used in the process industry where explosive gases, vapors or dust are present.

The function of explosion-proof actuators

Explosion-proof actuators are designed so that they do not act as an ignition source. They prevent the occurrence of ignition sparks or hot surfaces which could result in an explosion. In facilities where there is an explosive environment, explosion-proof actuators must be used. We deliver Ex class actuators according to Ex dII and up to Ex e IIT4. Our actuators meet the most common international requirements and the certification is carried out in close cooperation with national and international certification authorities.

Advantages of explosion-proof actuators

  • Reduces the risk of injury and loss of life
    By preventing explosions, explosion-proof actuators help protect workers and facilities.
  • Ensures continuity in production
    Explosion-proof actuators help to avoid unplanned downtime and production interruptions. This helps ensure continuous production.
  • Meets regulations and standards
    Explosion-proof actuators are designed and certified according to international safety standards and regulations. By using these actuators, applicable regulations and safety requirements are followed.
  • Adaptable and versatile
    Explosion-proof actuators are available in various sizes and configurations to suit various industrial applications. They can be adapted to specific needs and can be integrated into existing systems or new installations.

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