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Auma Story från Norr!


Följande berättelse skickades nyligen in till Auma Aktuell av Jan Strandberg, trevlig läsning! 

I was asked by Mr. Andreas Horn at SC Cologne to write a little piece about one of my servicetrips to the north of Sweden.

I work as a servicetechnician at Erichs Armatur AB with Auma actuators and have been doing that for the last 20 years, I am located in Gävle (Sweden), about 180 km north of Stockholm.  

This November I was asked to help a client to rebuild two gates in a dam. The dam is serving as a lake of processwater from a big mine outside the town of Kiruna, above the arctic circle. The stems needed to be replaced and new bigger actuators were planned to be mounted.

When I arrived I realized that the dam is located behind the mine, more or less in the wilderness. This is normally a country with no roads, except in town and serving the mine. My contact had a 4-wheel drive pickup truck, but I did not. On the way down to the dam I could drive in his wheeltracks, as the road was not cleared from the snow. And it was snowing, heavily. When I was finished for the day it proved to be impossible to go back in the same tracks, I got stuck. I made several attempts with my rental-car, but with no success. Finally two dam-inspectors came by on their snowmobiles, and offered me help. A rope was attached to my car and they pulled me out with their snowmobiles, a piece of cake.

The next day, I saw six mooses down at the nearby lake. I was told that they pass that spot everyday drinking the fresh water which the gates controls from the dam. Fresh water is difficult to come by as everything freezes in the winter. The biggest amount of mooses gathered at the same spot is 17! The pictures are taken at noon, the sun does not come any higher during the winter. 

The gates were tested successfully and are now strong enough to control the gates even at high water. The actuators are only maneuvered locally (by the dam-inspectors), no controlsystems.

More pictures: Story from the North