What are part-turn gearboxes and what are they used for?

Part turn gearboxes are used in many contexts where a turning movement of 90° is required to operate an actuator. When a part turn gearbox is combined with a multi-turn actuator, a part-turn actuator is created. These gears are used to transfer torque from a multi-turn actuator to a 90 degree maneuver, such as when controlling butterfly valves or ball valves. Part turn gearboxes can be delivered with a high ratio and therefore enable the motorization of valves with a torque requirement of up to 675,000 Nm.


What is a part turn gearbox?

A part turn gearbox is a mechanical gear that enables a reduction in speed while increasing the torque. This makes part turn gearboxes particularly suitable for applications where a slow and controlled movement is desired.

The technology behind part turn gearboxes

The technology behind part turn gearboxes involves a larger gearwheel, which is driven by the rotation of a screw. The screw has a profile that fits into the teeth of the gearwheel. This connection allows for the transfer of motion and power between the two components, resulting in downshifting and increased torque. Part turn gearbox is thus used to create an efficient and controlled transmission of movement and power in various mechanical systems.

Where are part turn gearboxes used?

Thanks to their unique properties, part turn gearboxes are found in many different industries and are used in various applications.

Here are some areas where part turn gearboxes are used:

  • In industrial automation, part turn gearboxes operate rotary and special fittings such as dampers, flue gas dampers and ball valves.
  • For marine applications on ships, part turn gearboxes are used to operate rotary fittings such as dampers and ball valves.
  • In the energy and power industry, part turn gearboxes are used in power plants and wind turbines to adjust and control various components, such as valves, flaps and dampers.

These examples illustrate the versatility of part turn gearboxes and their adaptability for different technical and industrial needs.


Advantages of part turn gearboxes

Part turn gearboxes offer several advantages that make them a necessary component in many industries:

  • Part turn gearboxes are designed to reduce RPM from input shaft to output shaft, making them ideal for applications that require a slow and controlled motion.
  • At the same time that the RPM decrease, the torque increases. This makes part turn gearboxes suitable for situations where higher power and torque are needed.
  • The simple and robust construction of part turn gearboxes enables efficient transmission of power and motion, which contributes to their reliability and long life.

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