Use the potential of digital data

A coral reef is a fascinating habitat. Various species form a close community. Corals, sponges, fish as well as other organisms live in symbiosis. The very example of an ecosystem – creating added value and synergies due to perfectly adapted processes.

CORALINK is our digital ecosystem, matching the challenges you experience during plant operation with our smart support solutions. Use synergies to increase the efficiency of your processes and ensure reliable operation of your plant.

  • CORALINK stands for seamless linking and interaction of data, digital tools and expertise.
  • Modules such as AUMA Cloud, AUMA Assistant App and AUMA CDT provide maximum transparency across all your AUMA actuators.
  • Intelligent diagnostic functions assist you in identifying maintenance requirements so that costly downtimes can be avoided.

Added value throughout all lifecycle phases of your plant

CORALINK offers a wealth of benefits for all the lifecycle phases of your plant, starting with planning and implementation, to commissioning and plant operation phase right through to modernisation.

For further information: CORALINK – Expert care for your actuators

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